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Hopalong Cassidy: An American Legend
by: Grace Bradley Boyd and Michael Cochram

This book is many books in one. Most of all, it is a love story that reads like a fairy tale.A twelve year-old girl goes to the movies in Brooklyn with her monther in 1926. The girl sees a larger-than-life image on the screen of William Boyd, and she falls madly in love. She writes his name in her school books. She starts collecting articles about him in movie magazines. She fantasizes that someday she will marry him. The girl is Grace Bradley.
In 1931 a talent scout from Paramount Pictures sees Grace dancing in New York cabaret and offers her a screen test. She is immediately signed to a contract with Paramount and moves to Hollywood with her mother. She still thinks of William Boyd, but makes no attempt to contact him after she is living in Hollywood.
In 1937 her phone rings and the voice on the other end says "This is William Boyd. May I speak to Grace Bradley?" Grace is shocked and thinks someone is playing a joke on her until she hears the famous Bill Boyd laugh, then she knows it is the real thing. Three weeks later to the day, they are married.

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Hopalong Cassidy: On The Page, On The Screen
by: Francis M. Nevins

It began in the waking dreams of a young civil servant in Brooklyn who spent evenings, weekends and vacations putting into words an old West he had imagined but never seen. Story by story, novel by novel he created a vast canvas centering around a Texas ranch he called the Bar-20 and the men who made it the focus of their loyalty, chief among them a red-headed liquor-swilling young puncher with a noticeable limp, Hopalong Cassidy. Clarence E. Mulford (1883-1956) was one of the most remarkable Western writers America has produced. His fictional universe is an immense saga, written over a third of a century, in which Cassidy and the other main characters go adventuring, fall in love, marry and have children, grow old and eventually take part in the adventures of the next generation. Mulford’s life and world are explored in detail in the first several chapters of this book.

In 1935, the now prosperous author signed the contracts that brought his world and characters to America’s movie theaters—or at least so he hoped. But, except for a handful of character and place names, the 66 Hopalong Cassidy movies, made between 1935 and 1948, starring William Boyd as Cassidy, turned out to have almost nothing in common with Mulford’s fiction. Those films captivated audiences on their first release. The finest of them were hailed by Western lovers as classics of the genre and, restored for satellite and DVD, continue to excite viewers today. This book covers all 66 Cassidy movies in depth. The final chapter recounts what happened in the late 1940s and early 1950s when Hoppymania swept the country as the films migrated to the infant medium of television, generating new celebrity and a huge fortune for William Boyd and quite a bit of money for Mulford too.

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Hopalong Cassidy Rides Again
The ring of the silver spurs heralds the arrival of an exciting new novel of the Old West! Dedicated to the beloved silver screen hero Hopalong Cassidy, Willam Lawrence Boyd, and all the ol' movie cowboy heroes!

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The Gene Autry Book
TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK - One man`s life...another man`s trivia. A comprehensive look at the life of America`s favorite cowboy, Gene Autry. Read about his wit and wisdom. See his complete filmography and the credits for all of his 91 TV shows. Pictures of Melody Ranch and memoribilia collectibles and or course, his long time dream of The Autry Museum of Western Heritage becoming a reality. All of this and more.

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A variety of cowboy fare - from John Wayne`s favorite grits recipe to James Arness` Gunsmoke - Chili. William Hoppy Boyd`s fried chicken. Loaded with nearly 200 cowboy recipes from all your favorite western stars.
BKS-016 The All American Cowboy Cookbook

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This is the most complete list ever assembled of birth dates and real names of those beloved "B" Western performers. It even includes actual obituaries of hundreds of heroes, heroines and villians. Another "must have" book for all Western fans.
BKS-015 "B" Western Boot Hill by Bobby Copeland

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A Pictorial History of Western Movie and Television Stars featuring 300 full page photos of Western movie stars, heroines, villians, sidekicks and others. This is a wonderful choice for those who love the "Old West" as portrayed on the screen. This exciting hardbound book contains 320 pages.
BKS-014 The Round-Up compiled by Donald R. Key.

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The Roy Rogers Book
Here is everything you ever wanted to know about the "King Of The Cowboys". 223 action-packed pages on Roger`s life both on and off the screen. Includes the credits of all 100 TV episodes, rare fan magazine reprints of articles, Roy Rogewrs collectibles and their value as well as a complete filmography of his films. Loaded with beautiful pictures and posters. What more can you ask for/

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Western Films of Sunset Carson by Bob Carman & Dan
OUT OF PRINT Ride the range again with this 72-page book on the films of Sunset Carson, some of which are available on videocassettes from Sagebrush Entertainment. Included are photos, pictures of posters, Carson’s story as well a filmography on his movies. A must reading for all Sunset Carson and B Western fans.

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Monte Hall by Bob Carman & Dan Scapperotti
OUT OF PRINT !Ride through the pages of this 96-page book featuring the films of Monte Hale. Loaded with pictures and posters, this filmography will bring back fond memories to those who grew up with the classics Westerns. A must for the serious collector.

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Peggy Stewart by Bob Carman & Dan Scapperotti
Known as the “Princess of the Prairie”, you can relive Peggy Stewart’s days in B Western films. This 176 Page book includes section Portrait Gallery, Poster Art, Son of Zorro Photo Gallery, still Archive and a candid interview with Robert Blake Who appeared with Miss Stewart in 10 Red Ryder.

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The Shoot `Em Ups Ride Again by Buck Rainey
OUT OF PRINT ! This 5 section, 315 page book covers more than 430 Western released between 1928 and 1978; newer Western since 1978, Western TV series appearing since 1948 and over 100 western telefilms (no-series, full length) to round out the history of the genre.

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The Life of Films of Buck Jones; The Silent Era by
OUT OF PRINT ! Working with Buck Jones’ widow and family, Rainey has gathered the most complete biography of Buck Jones and to top it off he has put together a section on the Buck Jones sound films like the popular “ Films of” series. The author has been collecting photos of Jones for years. Add to the photos on loan from the Jones’ family and each volume of this 2-Volume work has lots of photo spread though the text and a special photo scrapbook section.

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The Life of Films of Buck Jones; The Sound Era by
OUT OF PRINT! Working with Buck Jones’ widow and family, Rainey has gathered the most complete biography of Buck Jones and to top it off he has put together a section on the Buck Jones sound films like the popular “ Films of” series. The author has been collecting photos of Jones for years. Add to the photos on loan from the Jones’ family and each volume of this 2-Volume work has lots of photo spread though the text and a special photo scrapbook section.

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The Films of Johnny Mack Brown by A. Rutherford
The 212-page book has a complete filmography and credits, features a beautiful four-color cover and contain over 190 photos, many of which are rare. Has chapters on co-stars Tex Ritter, Fuzzy Knight and Raymond Hatton. A must for any Johnny Mack Brown fan.

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The Tom Mix Book by M.G.
For nostalgia buffs and movie historians. This popular book is 379 pages and contains 223 photos with a full color cover. It talks about Tom’ circus career, the history of the Tom Mix radio program with a description of all 148 premiums and had detailed 336- movie filmography. Features includes an exhaustive collectors guide to Tom Mix toys, comics, arcade cards, etc.

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The Films of The Cisco Kid by Francis M. Nevins, J
TEMPORARILY OUT-OF-PRINT. Nevins begins by introducing us to Willliam S. Porter, better known as O. Henry, who created the Cisco Kid (not a Mexican but an Anglo and not a romantic rogue but a cold-hearted killer) in the 1907 short story “ The Caballero’s Way”. Then he covers the transformations of Cisco in short silent movies of the nineteen teens, in the first 3 features starting Warner Baxter, in the later features where Cisco was played in turn by Cesar Romero, Duncan Renaldo, Gilbert Roland and Duncan Renaldo again. It includes a long chapter on the TV series (1950-56) and the final chapter on the 1994 movie starting Jimmie Smits and is followed by a complete filmography include credits for each of the 156 episodes of the teleseries.

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