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Monday, March 26, 1951

LONG VALLEY --- Driving around the California deserts the other day, I got to thinking abut Titus Duncan and his family. Now there’s an example of what happens to people when they get scared out of their wits by something that hasn’t even happened yet.

Mr. Duncan had more money than he knew what to do with and lived in a fine big house in Pasadena, but when there was a blackout one night in February of 1942 and somebody fired off a few rounds of anti-aircraft shells, he began thinking the enemy air force had picked him out personally as its number one target. The Duncans took one look toward the hills and started running.

They wound up in Long Valley. He had a cabin in the hills behind here --- his friends used to call it a “hunting lodge” --- and he figured it was a safe to hole up for the rest of the war.

Well, you know what happened. A lot of things, but the first one was that his wife had a nervous breakdown. She’d never been on real roads in winter before.

Driving up to their cabin over the Squaw Mountain switchbacks, she got so skittish that she wound up in a hospital bed over at the county sear.

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In 1951, Hopalong Cassidy had a daily column that appeared in a number of newspapers across the country.  Sagebrush Entertainment, Inc. is pleased to share these columns with you and will present them on a weekly basis.

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