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Tuesday, March 13, 1951

PHOENIX, Ariz.. --- Considering itís the youngest member of the family of United States, Arizona certainly does all right for itself. As far as population is concerned, Arizona has caught up with and passed 11 of the older states already, and did you ever notice how often its name gets into movie, story and song titles?

Every time Iíve been near a radio the last few weeks Iíve heard a song with words that say something about being either in Arizona or Minnesota. This may give the folks in Minneapolis or Bemidji kind of a thrill, hearing themselves sung about, but itís old stuff to people in Phoenix and Tombstone.

Iíll bet there are very few states that make the hit parade oftener than Arizona, Texas probably --- and maybe Oklahoma, counting the musical comedy --- but not many more. And how many times do you her song plugs for New Hampshire, Massachusetts and some of the other original 13 states?

As for going to either Arizona or Minnesota this time of year, that just depends on whether you want to ski or take a sun bath. I stopped over here on my way to Tucson, where Iím going to ride in the parade for La Fiesta de los Vaqueros, and I can tell you this Arizona sunshine is mighty hard to beat.

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In 1951, Hopalong Cassidy had a daily column that appeared in a number of newspapers across the country.  Sagebrush Entertainment, Inc. is pleased to share these columns with you and will present them on a weekly basis.

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