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Thursday, March 22, 1951

LONG VALLEY --- Maybe Ben Franklin looked a little silly to his neighbors in Philadelphia 200 years ago, a grown man fooling around with a kite, but he learned a lot about electricity.

Some boys her in Long Valley have learned a few things about electricity the same way.

When the line crew finally caught up with the trouble that cut off all the power night before last, they found a homemade box kite had shorted circuited the high voltage wires a mile east of town, where they cross Quartz Canyon.

The kite string was dragging and broken about a hundred feet away, on the hillside where kids must have been trying to fly it the other afternoon. When a wind and rain storm came up in the middle of the night, the kite got to tossing around and two of the iron staples that held it together touched the wires and zingo! --- all the lights in town went out. If a boy had been holding onto that wet kite string when it happened he’d have been electrocuted on the spot.

So far none of the kids around town has stepped up to claim what’s left of the box kite, and I guess that’s natural. But I think all of them learned something they should know: not to fly kites around power lines.

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In 1951, Hopalong Cassidy had a daily column that appeared in a number of newspapers across the country.  Sagebrush Entertainment, Inc. is pleased to share these columns with you and will present them on a weekly basis.

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