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Tuesday, March 27, 1951

TWENTYNINE PALMS --- With so many people in the big towns getting atom bomb jitters, real estate men are pretty busy here in the desert these days. Not all the folks who talk about moving to the desert are going to do it, of course. But if they did they’d find plenty of wide open spaces left out in this direction.

They’d find a lot of wonderful scenery, too. Besides rolling sagebrush country and rocky hills, there are thick stand of Joshua trees and cactus and a backdrop of snow-covered mountains in winter and spring. A place like this can get in your blood and make you never want to leave.

City folks ought to realize, though that while the desert is beautiful it’s also a lonesome place. On the road to Twentynine Palms I passed a little house with a garden in front of it. It was neatly landscaped, like an ordinary flower or rock garden, but this fellow had planted it with beer and soft drink bottles, upside down in the sand. One thing’s sure --- he didn’t have many neighbors around to help him drink all that stuff.

I’ve got my doubt that people who let themselves get scared away from the cities would last very long out here either. The desert’s no place for softies.

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In 1951, Hopalong Cassidy had a daily column that appeared in a number of newspapers across the country.  Sagebrush Entertainment, Inc. is pleased to share these columns with you and will present them on a weekly basis.

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