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Wednesday, February 28, 1951

HOUSTON, TEXAS --- When these fellows down here dress up for the Fat Stock Show they really put on the dog. There some mighty fancy boots pounding the floor of the arena, but the fanciest and funniest pair I saw were worn by C.M. “Pete” Frost, who has a big cattle ranch and is one of the show’s directors.

They were shiny brown alligator with tops of black-spotted yellow fur, and they were funny because of the tall story Pete told about them.

“We were chasing a jaguar down in South Texas,” he yarned, “and when we backed the varmint up against the Rio Grande he jumped in the river and swam across to the Mexican side. I had left my horse behind, but was durned if I was going to let the jaguar get away. So I dragged a log down to the water, straddled it and paddled across.

“Well I camped on the cat’s trail until I finally got close enough for one shot at him. I drilled that old jaguar square between the eyes. Then I slung him over my should, toted him back to the river, found my log and paddled back to Texas.

“And, d’you know, it wasn’t until I got back to shore that I found out what I was riding wasn’t a log at all --- but an alligator. So I just shot him, too, and that’s how I came by these boots.”

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In 1951, Hopalong Cassidy had a daily column that appeared in a number of newspapers across the country.  Sagebrush Entertainment, Inc. is pleased to share these columns with you and will present them on a weekly basis.

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