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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the name of Hoppy’s horse? Topper
How did Topper get his name? In 1937, William Boyd married Grace the same time he acquired a new white stallion. He asked his new wife to name the horse. Grace was reading a series of books by Thorne Smith at the time...the series was called "Topper." Thus, Grace asked Bill to name the horse after her favorite book...and that's how Topper got his name!
How many Hoppy movies are there? 66 – features 52 – hours for television
When was the first picture made and the title? 1935 – Hopalong Cassidy Enters
Was William Boyd married? Yes – Grace Bradley Boyd (1937)
Did "Mrs. Hopalong Cassidy"(Grace Bradley Boyd) have a horse? What was her horse's name? Yes – Turnabout
When did William Boyd die? 1972
Where was the first Hoppy movie shown on television? KTLA-TV Los Angeles
How many side-kicks did Hoppy Have? Eleven
Who played the side-kicks? Jimmy Ellison as Johnny Nelson
George "Gabby" Hayes –Windy Halliday
Russell Hayden as Lucky Jenkins
Britt Wood as Speedy McGinnis
Andy Clyde as California Carlson
Brad King as Johnny Nelson
Jay Kirby as Johnny Travers
George Reeves as Lin Bradley
Jimmy Rogers as Jimmy Rogers
(Trivia Note: Jimmy Rogers was Will Rogers' son.)
Rand Brooks
as Lucky Jenkins
Edgar Buchanan as Red Connors (1/2 hr. series for TV)
How many products were endorsed by Hoppy? 2,400
What’s the most valuable collectable? Probably the Hopalong Cassidy bicycle. It sold originally for $65.00 and collectors are asking $6,000-$11,000, depending on condition.
I heard that Robert Mitchum got his start in Hoppy movies. How many pictures was he in? Seven (7) - they were:
1942 - Leather Burners
1942 - Hoppy Serves A Writ
1943 - Border Patrol
1943 - Colt Comrades
1943 - Bar 20
1943 - False Colors
1943 - Riders Of The Deadline
Did William Boyd and Grace Boyd Have any children? No
Where were most of the films shot? 50% of the films were shot in Lone Pine, California.
Where was the Bar 20 located? The location of the Bar 20 ranch was in Northwestern Texas. A description is made on pages 1 thru 7 of the Mulford novel, "Bar-20." The town in the novel is called Buckskin. Population of one hundred inhabitants, located in the valley of the Rio Pecos fifty miles south of the Texas-New Mexico line.

The town was described as follows:

"The town lay sprawled over half a square mile of alkali plain, its main street depressing in its width, for those who were responsible for its inception had worked with a generosity born of the knowledge that they had at their immediate and unchallenged disposal the broad lands of Texas and New Mexico on which to assemble a grand total of twenty buildings, four of which were of wood. As this material was scarce and had to be brought from where the waters of the Gulf lapped against the flat coast, the last-mentioned buildings were a matter of locale pride, indicating the progressiveness of their owners. These creations of hammer and saw were of one story, crude and unpainted; their cheap weather sheathing, warped and shrunken by the pitiless sun, curled back on itself and allowed unrestricted entrance to alkali dust and air. The other shacks were of adobe, and reposed in that magnificent squalor dear to their owners, Indians and "Greasers."

"Perry's Bend, twenty miles up the river..."

"Buckskin was surrounded by two ranches, the Bar 20 and the Three Triangle. Perry's Bend was the common point for the C 80 and the Double Arrow. Each of the two ranch contingents accepted the feud as a matter of course, and as a matter of course took sides
with their respective towns."

"Bar-20's northern line was C 80's southern one, and…"

You have 30 titles in release from the original nitrate. Are you going to release any more? Yes! We will be releasing all 66 and 52 half-hour television shows over the next 1-1/2 years.

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